Remember that the mouth is the gateway to the body and connected with the body. Therefore a healthy smile helps to maintain a healthy body.

There have been several diseases linked to poor oral hygiene and excess tartar buildup such as heart disease, Diabetes, strokes, Alzheimers among others.

Statistics show that people are living longer healthier lives. As a result senior citizens are socializing and working more in their older age. Therefore it is understandable that you want to feel and look great no matter what your biologic age is.

As we get older our smile can look aged due to wear and tear of the teeth including enamel wear which results in the inner yellower dentin layer showing giving the teeth a yellowish older look. Also there can be chipping of the edges of the teeth and hairline fractures of the enamel. The different foods and drinks can stain our teeth. Bone loss around our teeth which may happen along the years (especially if we are not flossing on a daily basis and having routine professional deep cleanings regularly) can cause gum recession around our teeth which will show as dark black triangular spaces between our teeth also ages our smiles dramatically. All of these factors need regular “maintenance” procedures to avoid the problem getting worse with the passage of time.

Research done on groups of senior citizens and younger age groups demonstrate that a beautiful and healthy smile motivates people to socialize more and be more active in the work lives.

Dr. Edalat’s team is specialized in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry including the following:

1. Smile design

2. Smile makeover

3. Porcelain veneers/porcelain laminates

4. Veneers

5. Prep-less veneers

6. Dental implants

7. Ceramic crowns

8. All ceramic bridges

9. Professional tooth whitening

10. Porcelain crowns

11. Plastic surgery of the gums

12. Periodontal surgeries

13. Gingival grafts

14. Correction of gummy smiles by crown lengthening surgeries

15. Full mouth rehabilitations

16. Scaling and root planing – known as deep cleaning

17. Inlays and Onlays

18.white fillings aka dental bonding or bonded fillings

The American Dental Association recommends routine dental visits to prevent serious destructive cases such as bone loss, gum recession and tooth fractures along the years which can ultimately cause more serious issues that can be costly and traumatic to repair and in some cases the damage may be irreversible compromising your healthy smile and even your systemic health.

Healthy smile, healthy body.

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