What Are Immediately Loaded dental implants?

Dental implants with immediate loading consist of a modern technique that allows to reduce the time between the fixation of the titanium pins and the placement of the crown, providing a better quality of life to the patient during the healing process.

Among the benefits attributed to the technique can be mentioned the comfort in the period of bone integration, improvement in self-esteem, talking and chewing, which improves the  digestion.

All of this makes immediately loaded dental implants very attractive, however, it has its particularities and is not suitable for all patients. There are some factors that must be previously evaluated by the professional and it is interesting that the patient is aware of this possibility.

Implants with immediate loading – how it is done?

To place dental implants a dentist especialized in implants will evaluate the case.  A complete analysis of the bone conditions will be made along with assessing the patient’s medical history and health conditions.

The procedure is very similar to that of conventional implants with pin fixation. The main difference is that immediately loaded dental implants allow the cosmetic prosthesis to be fixed on the same day, so the patient will walk out with teeth on the same day that the surgical placement of the implants is done.

Previously, it was necessary for the titanium screw fixed to the bone to remain for some time in order to allow a stable fixation of the titanium surface to the bone, with the migration of the bone cells to the metal, only then the dental prosthesis could be attached to it.

It is important to note, however, that this prosthesis is temporary and should be replaced by a permanent one in a few months, its function is aesthetic and provides greater comfort to the patient.

Who are the best candidates for dental implants with immediate loading?

Ideally, the best candidates are young, healthy, non-smoking patients, without any periodontal disease and sufficient bone.

There is always a specific reason for the need to remove a tooth / teeth and each case should be investigated individually to verify the adequacy of the extraction with immediate placement and loading of the implant.

What are the benefits of implants loaded immediately?

Following a conservative treatment modality means waiting 3-6 months after tooth extraction. Then, the implant is placed and a further 3 months are required for bone integration before restoration with a crown.

The insertion of a dental implant immediately after tooth extraction with immediate placement of a crown has a superior result when it comes to the long-term aesthetics of the surrounding tissues.

The alveolar bone around the implant is restored immediately and the adjacent gums will be preserved to their maximum extent.

And, of course, it is a good  for the patient to get a complete dental rehabilitation in one day and not suffer any constraints in self-esteem.

What can patients expect after receiving their implants?

Depending on each individual patient and the location of extraction and placement of the implant, some amount of swelling and pain should be expected for about 3-5 days, with possible bruising occurring.

How often should patients visit their dentist after the implants are completed?

It is advisable to follow up with the surgeon approximately one to two weeks after implant placement and again before restoration with the permanent crown.

In the long term, maintenance of the implant consists of regular six month checkups at the dentist.


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